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April 2nd, 2020

Tax Forms

Federal Tax forms are located on the IRS website at

State of Connecticut tax forms are located on the State of Connecticut website

Some of the most used tax forms are listed below.

Download: cert-119fillable.pdf Sales Tax Exemption Form
Download: ct-1040es.pdf CT Estimated Tax Payment Form
Download: ct-1040x.pdf CT Amended Tax Form
Download: f1040x.pdf Federal Amended Tax Form
Download: form_ct-w4.pdf CT - Employee W4 Form
Download: fw2.pdf Federal W2 - Payroll
Download: fw4.pdf Federal - Employee W4 Form
Download: os-114fillable.pdf CT - Sales & Use Tax Return

Tax Preparation Forms

Download: f1040.pdf Federal 1040 Tax Form
Download: f1040sc.pdf Federal - Sch C for Self-Employeds
Download: f1041.pdf Estates & Trusts
Download: f1065.pdf Partnership Tax Return
Download: f1120.pdf Corporation Tax Return
Download: f990.pdf Non-Profit Tax Return
Download: f990ez.pdf Non-Profit Tax Return (Short Form)

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